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Kā izveidot materiālu komplektu presei

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Veidojot saturu gamedev.lv, ļoti bieži saskāros ar pašmāju izstrādātāju nepietiekami sagatavotu informāciju, lai to varētu ērti izmantot tālāk, satura radīšanas vajadzībām. Lai arī neuzskatu sevi par žurnālisti, kura zina visas nianses, tomēr laika gaitā ir sakrājies viedoklis par to, kam noteikti vajadzētu pievērst uzmanību, ja esi spēļu izstrādātājs un gribi, lai par Tevi raksta un vēl [...]

One week as a game dev mom #2

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Decided to write about another week, when I tried to work at home. This time I’ll tell about my new project (I work on it parallel Bearslayer), where I’m learning pixel art and also will do level design. This week was about only drawing basics for the level editor, to test the main idea. A [...]

One week as a game dev mom

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My husband and I are together working as indie game developers. We started our biggest game related coadventure together before our son entered our family. Before our child was born, we were working together nights long in our home office room. When I was pregnant a lot of people said, that I can forget about my [...]

Gamescom 2018

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This was my second Gamescom with a totally different experience than before. Last time in 2016 we were together with my husband, whereas this year our one-year-old son joined us. The biggest disappointment was at the entrance. We did not read everything that was written on the tickets: “No admission for babies and infants aged up to [...]